On a Higher Plane                                   Out Again                            We’re Better Than We Sound

We’re a band of brothers that hails from the Northern California San Francisco Bay Area, who grew up (ongoing) in the era when Rock N’ Roll ruled, Jeff Beck was a God, and Jimi was his mentor.  We love good music, and got together over 15 years ago to try and bang some out. We play at private parties and events, and try to keep ourselves musically challenged.  As long as we keep our standards low, we always succeed.  There are some things (we did graduate from high school)  we did learn from George Bush.  That’s one of them.

The band consists of Allen Penny on Lead Vocals and Keyboards, Bob Drewes on Rhythm Guitar, Brick Spieth on Bass and backup vocals, Paul Beetlestone on Drums, and John Wallerich on Lead Guitar and vocals. This site is testament to every garage band who works hard to keep the dream of rock ‘n roll alive, and to enjoy playing music for the sake of good music, not to sell spandex and voice processors. 

“All forms of art aspire to that of music in it’s ability to stir the soul”. (unknown author)                        

Moron Quote of the Century: 

“We’ll do gigs for as little as $500, but if it’s a really good gig, we’ll pay as much as $600.”  


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