The Vision Thing

The Boys in the Band

             Allen  Brick  Paul                                   John  Bob

The Effect


Allen Penny - Lead Vocalist and Keyboards

Allen is from Hinsdale, IL, and has been a musician since 4 when he was found beating on his Dad’s Buick with a ballpeen hammer.  Allen played professionally with Chicago area bands like “1010 Balloon Activities Group”, and  “The 2nd Story”.  He did studio work for various bands and now lives in Mountain View, CA, with his amazingly patient wife, Kathy (she’s endured listening to us every week for the past 12 years).  Allen is a networking specialist at Stanford University, grows bamboo, watches paint dry, the usual stuff.

                                                                                           Bob Drewes - Rhythm Guitarist

No one’s quite sure where Bob came from, but we’re all pretty sure he’s an alien.  Bob is the rhythm guitarist, and for some reason, plays it right handed...go figure. Bob lives in Mountain View with his beautiful bride, Denise, and works with Allen at Stanford University.  No one knows exactly what he does there, but they keep paying him.  This is a nice shot of Bob on LSD, don’t you think? Bob’s been around as long as sand, and has been part of the band almost as long.

Brick Spieth - Bass Guitar and Vocals

After a misspent youth growing up in the border town of Calexico, California, and getting his musical education listening to mariachis in cheap Mexicali bars, Brick finally crawled out from underneath a desert rock and fled to civilization. Along the way he aquired enough education to be dangerous, miraculously found his wife, Cathy, who not only wasn't repulsed but actually liked him, and proved Darwin correct by raising two daughters who became classical musicians. Go figure. Asked why he became a bass player, he replied, "Because they don’t make a 3-stringed instrument."

                                                                                               Paul Beetlestone - Drums

Tragically, another misspent youth growing up in the Bay Area, playing with fast cars, loud bands, and lots of visits to the ear doctor.  This is a picture of Paul back in the 70’s with his son, Sean.  Paul also works at Stanford, and lives in Mountain View with his wife Loida, and her family. Paul’s been playing drums ever since he could snap his fingers, and has played with several known bands in the Bay Area over the years. Somehow he lost his way in life and ended up with this band...

John Wallerich - Lead Guitarist and Vocalist

John also comes from Hinsdale, Illinois, where he grew up playing various instruments and worked in recording studios, touring the country as road manager for “The Cryan’ Shames” at 18. He bought a farm near Carbondale, IL, and spent 12 years there playing with numberous rock, jazz and funk bands including Gus Pappelis and Reel to Reel. John never figured how to play guitar right - he plays it upsidedown and backwards. Oh well..  He managed to get “over married”, to Cheryl Lynn Jo Ray Bob, and lives with her and their 2 sons, Zack and Ian, in Sunnyvale, CA.  John is a Senior Consultant Engineer for Intel.

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