These are CD’s of mostly copy tunes that we’ve done over the years.  Starting with tape and progressing to all digital recordings, this is a “home studio” effort.  “Higher Plane”, and “Out Again”, were recorded live on tape in Allen’s garage in 1998 using the crummiest equipment we could find.  We think we out did ourselves.  It’s all about having fun and making pleasant noise. If you don’t like it, then I guess that makes it unpleasant noise .. whatever...


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ON A HIGHER PLANE - 1999                                                                                                               Originally recorded using an 8-track Tascam deck, a mixer that drank more beer than Archie Bunker, and cables made from lamp cords, these tracks are, simply put, a miracle.  We did manage to use some pretty inferior tools to try and edit and master tracks that sparkle with hum, buzzes and disconnects.  One listen and you’ll know I am telling the truth.  We’re not trying to be musicians by trade, but are living our Rock n’ Roll fantasies.  Thank the stars we all have day jobs...

OUT AGAIN  - 2000                                                                                                                            We put this CD out about the time the name OPM came in to favor over the previous name “Moron Choir”, which had more relevance, but wasn’t offensive enough. OPM might stand for “Old People’s Music”, or “Other People’s Music”, we’re not sure and really don’t care.  We’re offended. It sounds like OPIUM which may actually have been a better name.  These tracks were also done in Allen’s garage, but we added some digital tracks in John’s studio. It’s better than the 1st CD, but the quality is pretty bad....

WE’RE BETTER THAN WE SOUND - 2003                                                                                               The Album title “We’re Better Than We Sound”, was taken from the Book of Moron Quotes, and we’re proud to say that we came up with it.  It captures the mood, the sense of commitment to the Illuminati, and the power of marketing all in one confusing phrase.  This album was recorded all digitally in John’s studio, so blame him if you don’t like the sound. We cheated and multi-tracked whenever the original vocal track needed it. Hey, the Beatles started it, not us. Another Home Studio Special!


A link to the John Wallerich Collection: A history of home recordings, some as early as the mid-60’s, up to more recent work in the home studio. Includes works with Panfish Johnson, Chris Rhodes, Mitchell Rhodes, Matt Morrison, John Hora, Scot Robinson, Russ Fields, Billy Shaw, Joe Kelly, Drae Hobbs, Lee Massey, 1010 Balloon Activities, and a number of other friends and musicians.

Gil Watkins - Friend, confidant, fellow musician, lover of wine, one woman, and many close friends. These are tunes recorded at Johns house over the years and are all written and performed by Gil. John did some guitar overlays and solos as well as engineering/mastering.

Stuff to Practice - and good stuff to listen to and to share.  Maybe we’ll work one or two of these songs up.  We’ve surprised ourselves in the past, and continue to surprise.

Now stop reading this and go do your practice!

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